Mushing Terminology


It's not totally a new language but it certainly isn't French either! It's dog-language, sled dog language to be precise, and easy to learn.

Come Gee! Come Haw!
Command for 180° turns

Dog in Basket
Tired or injured dog carried in sled

Gee — Right Turn

Haw — Left Turn

Mush! Hike! All Right!
Commands to start the team

Neck Line
Line connecting dog's collar to tow line and between the two collars of a double lead

Pushing the sled with one foot while the other remains on the runner

Snub Line
Rope attached to the sled which is used to tie the sled to a tree or other object

What To Know

Insider Hints & Tips

You're never too old to enjoy your first Sled Dog race. This is a great time for the entire family, so come out and have some dog-gone fun! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the dogs, the people and nature.

Dress for Winter — It's central Oregon and it's winter, so it can be wet, windy and cold. Please be sure to be prepared for the elements. We do have a warming hut, but the races can not be seen from the hut or from the parking lot.

Please do not bring your dog(s) to the Snow Park While you may think “Sparky” will have a great time with the other dogs, this is not the time to make new friends. Please be considerate of the racing teams and leave your dogs at home.


Please supervise your children — This is a fast paced environment and wandering children can be injured if not supervised by an adult. Some dogs may not be familiar with children and could bite.

Please do not pet the dogs without permission — Never pet a dog who is snapped into a team and waiting to race. Always ask the team's driver or handler first.

Please stay off the race course — Be sure to give the racing teams plenty of room both at the start and finish chutes.

The Warming Hut — Our warming hut has a wood stove and food concessions to warm your heart (and hands and feet). Chairs and tables also make the hut a great place to take a break.

Other Special Events — There are special events for the kids including a snowman making contest, a coloring contest and a Peewee race: One kid, one sled, one dog in a 25 yard dash just for the thrill of it.

SnoPark Open For More...

The Walt Haring SnoPark is not just for sled dogs. There are wonderful cross-country skiing trails all around, so if you want to get some exercise yourself, bring your skis and join the fun.


A permit is required to park in the Walt Haring SnoPark. Daily permits may be purchased at the SnoPark for $5.00. A van from town (Chemult) may be available to give rides to and from the Snow Park at no charge (TBD).

More Questions

Still not enough? You want to know more? Well then contact us and we'll get you the answers you need.